Dale Ovenstone's 'Learn Ceiling & Wall Texture Art Finishes' (Texturing: Drywall Texture: Artex Mud) Complete DVD & E-book Course 2014

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Create Amazing & Beautiful Hand Crafted 'comb' Drywall Texture Finishes & Patterns onto Your Ceilings & Walls

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Get you FREE bumper book of drywall texturing and fine ceiling and wall art you can practice at home

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At last. The one and only unique instructional DVD on creating the amazing 3d effect oystershell comb pattern onto your ceilings and walls

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Information about the Amazing & Unique DVD lesson:

3D Effect OysterShell Ceiling Texture Pattern 'DVD'

Hand drywall textured Comb ceiling design, plus learn how to create an amazing ornamental artex centre rose effect

The most Unique & Amazing 3D Effect OysterShell Texturing Comb Pattern 'How to' DVD Educational Video 2014

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Dissecting, Explaining & Showing You Everything you need to know Concerning Creating this Beautifully Ornate Texture Comb Design onto Your own Ceilings at Home, from the Very Beginning of your task to Final Completion. (Full Step by Step Instructions)

Lets get Creative!

Within this Unique & Amazing 'English Language Version 45 Minute Blue-Print DVD' we cover

  • Planning out your Ceiling before you even begin

  • Discussing various Texturing Combs

  • Discussing the methods on how to use the Texturing Combs

  • Which hand to hold your Comb in to create the Texture design Vs where to start on your Ceiling

  • Correct amounts of Water for Texture Mixture

  • Mixing Texture Powder to the required consistency for Comb patterns

  • Discussing the methods on applying Texture to the Ceiling using the Paint Roller & Trough

  • Texture Application, the correct depth for creating comb patterns

  • Where on your ceiling to start applying the Texture Mixture

  • How to roll Texture onto the Ceiling for Combing

  • Using the Comb to start creating the Pattern

  • How to position yourself when Combing a Ceiling

  • (I'll show you how to get this correct for amazingly Professional results) By following my Texture Pattern Technique to Create the Most Uniform & Straight rows of Comb throughout the whole of your Ceiling 

  • The use of the small paint brush for cutting in

  • The finger finish technique for finishing around the centre light ceiling fitting

  • BONUS: Step by Step Guide to Creating the Spectacular Comb Border Effects around the whole Perimeter of the Ceiling

  • BONUS: Step by Step Guide to Create the most Ornamental Comb Centre Rose Effect around the Perimeter of your Ceiling Light Fitting

  • How to Finish off your Ceiling

  • Complete commentary throughout the lesson

Go on, Create a Craze! © Dale Ovenstone 2014


Information about your Free E-Book

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YOURS FREE-Nifty tricks n tips of a professional texture practitioner download

'Nifty Tricks 'n' Tips of a Professional Texture Practitioner' The one & only Most Popular Sought after & Complete Bumper Guide on Every Single Aspect of Interior Ceiling & Wall Preparation, Texturing & Texture Repairs in the Home, or on the Job.

Within this Amazing & most Unique Guide, which will Download Instantly onto your Computer or Mac, we cover

Lets get Creative!

  • How to Prepare a Multitude of Surfaces prior to Texturing
  • How to Prepare a new Plasterboard/Wallboard Ceiling prior to Texturing or Decorating
  • A rundown on the Tools used for Texturing
  • Various Texture Designs & Preparation Uses:- Various Consistencies of Texture Mixture:- Mixing Textures for various Preparation Uses plus Mixing Texture for various Effects, Designs & Patterns
  • What are sealers; & why use them? Everything you need to know about sealing your Ceilings & Walls prior to Texturing to make your Whole Texturing Task run smoothly so your Texture don't dry off whilst your working it
  • Planning out your ceiling, wall, room;
  • Where to actually start Texturing onto your surface, & where & how to follow through to complete your choice of Texturing Pattern
  • Learn how to create the most Popular Texture Patterns & Designs for the home & for Site Work
  • Advanced Texturing Techniques
  • Detailing the Steps for Repairing Textured surfaces & Matching the Patterns back in
  • The use of Various Household Tools for Creating Texture Patterns plus Repairing, & Patching in Existing Texture Designs
  • Four amazing Step by Step 'Comb Design' Blueprint Patterns for You to Follow at Home onto your ceilings
  • Professional Texturing Comb Work Techniques Learn how to create Nifty Ornate Border Edges around the whole Perimeter of Your Textured Ceiling
  • Learn how to create Beautiful Comb Effect Flower designs set out in every corner of your Textured Ceiling
  • Learn how to create a manner of Beautiful & Stunning Centre Light Rose Comb Effects around the light fitting of your Ceiling
  • Summing up:- Planning out:- In Summary 

Everything reported here is meticulously broken down, summarized & leads you with full explanations & photos for you to Follow & Practice every Texturing Technique mentioned above

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Go on, Create a Craze! © Dale Ovenstone 2014


Texturing Combs

The Texture Combs pictured below will
compliment the creation of creating the
3D Effect OysterShell Pattern as on the DVD. 
Although the 'ROSE' Effect Combs for creating the 
Perimeter Borders & Centre Light Rose patterns as
shown on the actual DVD differs very slightly in 
design, but the resmblense is almost the same!

The Comb's will be sent as a set of 3!
(1x 10" Standard to create the initial pattern)
(1x 6.5" Rose to create the Centre Rose Effect)
(1x 3.5" Rose to create the Border Effects)

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Get yourself a set of 3 Texturing Combs tools: To choices for you

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YouTube - Ceiling Comb Texturing Amazing 3D Effect OysterShell Pattern

Creative Fun with Texturing Combs

Drywall Texturing Combs!

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Dale Ovenstone 2014

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Reviews of Drywall texturing dvd & e-book course


nifty tips of drywall texture to learn


artexing reviews of dvd and book course


*****reviews of artexing course dvd and book


The information from this package will enhance your texturing knowledge quickly; you will gain more confidence to texture your ceilings & walls at home to a more professional standard.


reviews of nifty tricks n tips of a professional texture practitioner dvd e-book


*****reviews drywall texture dvd and e-book course


reviews of drywall texture dvd


Here is more information about this instructional DVD.

Over the years there have been many outstanding & varied 'How to' books & 'DVD.s' published on the market to enable many 'DIY' enthusiast's to complete works at home for themself'!

But never has there been such a detailed an imaginative course on Drywall COMB Texturing & techniques, Art & Effects for your ceilings & walls like this one of a kind step by step visual and audio DVD.

This unique DVD & E-book combination will answer all of your texturing headaches, the preparation of your ceilings & walls, the materials to use, the tools and all of those various patterns to adorn your rooms, and more importantly, the instructions for you to follow to create these effects properly and quickly; this DVD cum e-book combo definiately fills the gap in the market!


drywall texture course reviews


The information you study will 'click in' in no time. Read the amazing e-book fully covering the subject of artistic learnable art of ceiling drywall texture finishes. When the video arrives watch the DVD and you will learn how to create the amazing 3d effect oystershell comb pattern, plus edging borders, plus ornamental corner flowers, plus the center light comb effects onto ceilings for yourself.


reviews of nifty tricks n tips of a professional texture practitioner


The tools really are not that expensive afterall!

To apply drywall texture, or mud; rolling on to the surface using a paint roller, provides everyone the opportunity to create beautiful patterns and amazing effects finishing with drywall texture onto a well prepared surface.


reviews of nifty tricks n tips of a professional texture practitioner


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reviews of drywall texturing course


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This study, learn & follow at home Book & DVD course is TOTALLY GUARANTEED & backed with my FULL RETURNS & REFUND POLICY & is designed for any folk regardless of experience who would like to learn everything there is to know concerning Texturing interior Walls & Ceilings.

The exceptional DVD is designed to aid you to attempt to create this Amazing 3D Effect Texture Comb Design onto your Ceilings at home at an affordable price. Watch & learn from myself, a true professional of hand texturing. Setting out & executing this ceiling design from the very start to the final completion of your task.

The 45 Minute DVD is specifically designed & created for the complete novice who would like to attempt your own 'DIY' Creative Textured OysterShell Pattern onto your ceilings at home, or even those of you who would like to enhance your Comb Texturing knowledge even further.

Follow me whilst I guide you at every single stage from the very beginning & layout of your task to the final completion. Learn & copy my methods enforced with my full explanations & slow motion shots to give you the Surface Texturing knowledge, confidence & know how to finish your ceilings to the highly professional Comb standard you require.

This amazing High Quality 5.1 surround sound 'How To' DVD is a first, you wont find this unique material anywhere else. Professionally Created & set out for you as a home learning tool, by myself Dale Ovenstone, creator of the most unique 'how to' guides on the internet today titled 'Texture Revival Present's' & by dealing, hands on with my customers ceiling & wall 'Preparation & Decorative finishes' problems & remedies for nearly 30 years I also teach others in the process, plus answering 'diy' questions & writing articles on the subject.

Once you have watched this exceptional DVD you will easily grasp the concepts of the use of Texturing Combs & Effects you can create with them, such as:- Planning out your ceiling, Mixing Texture, Applying Texture onto your Ceiling, Using Texturing Combs to create this timeless pattern & you also get bonus access on creating Amazing Comb Border edges around the whole Perimeter of your Ceiling beside guiding you on creating an Amazing Centre rose Effect around your Light fitting, and also, by having access to our most popular & unique COMPLETE CEILING & WALL 'DIY' TEXTURING book course titled

'Nifty Tricks 'n' Tips of a Professional Texture Practitioner' which will download instantly onto your Computer or Mac as soon as you have purchased, you will gain every single piece of the complete knowledge & know how concerning interior ceiling & wall Preparation, Texturing many patterns & designs using various tools & Texturing combs plus you will also learn how to repair damaged ceilings & match in a plethora of patterns & create stunningly creative effects onto your own ceilings & walls at home or on the job.

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Plus you will also receive 'Nifty Tricks 'n' Tips of a Professional Texture Practitioner' which you will gain access to instantly, as soon as your payment is processed; The One & Only Best Selling Full instructional photographic complete book on  every single aspect of Texturing for you to study from your PC or Mac, or even print out the book if you have a printer.

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